Working Futures Partnership has the expertise and experience to advise on and deliver community development projects. The company has worked with Housing Associations and community groups to support resident engagement. Projects past and present include:


Dawn Grant was a Community Development Manager at Town and Country Housing Group for 7 years. She was part of the creation of the TCHG Foundation, and was instrumental in the success of the organisation in raising funds, obtaining grants and running ground-breaking local initiatives. She appeared on television and radio many times promoting various events.


“Dawn has an impressive track record in community development with Town and Country Housing Group. She is enthusiastic and energetic, has a wealth of ideas both strategic and tactical, and always successfully puts these ideas into practice. She is able to get along with a wide range of people and excels at partnership work. Dawn is a pleasure to work with and I heartily recommend her.”

Jackie Sumner, Head of Community Investment ,Town & Country Foundation.